And Away We Go…

Why “A Beautiful Basket Case?”  Mainly because I was doing laundry at the conception of this blog and likely I’ll be doing laundry for the life of this blog and beyond thus “Basket.”

But “Basket Case”  I have to say that I feel like on many days of each week.  Who would choose this life? (Four kids, one on the Autism spectrum the rest ages 3,4 & 6.  That alone is a TON of work, but there’s more, much more, I’ve got a basket load of issues I sort through every day, sometimes I’m enough to deal with myself!)  I wouldn’t have chosen it, but I know I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

And how is it “Beautiful?’ Rarely, with the naked eye I can assure you.   I’m beginning to believe the the mess we find ourselves in, can’t be “judged before it’s time.” Our life is like a movie reel, not a stack of post cards.  You can’t focus on the snapshot of your life that you’re looking at today, you have to stay focused on the whole reel.  What can seem like crazy can actually be the thing that is producing the greatest change & most growth which will produce beauty beyond what you could have imagined, IF you work through the pain and the mess to allow it to produce.

So, I wanted to start this blog to do life with other basket cases.  I’ll share pics, stories, the good days, the bad, life lessons, God-thoughts and much more and hope that you will too.  Thanks for joining me, and away we go!