The Autistic Alarm Clock


The Autistic Alarm clock doesn’t go off at the time you set it for, it goes off when its hungry or sometimes when its had a bad dream.  It goes off at four o’clock in the morning and stuns you awake, out of a deep sleep.  It NEEDS FOOD NOW!!! Its room is too dark. Its bed is wet.

You can try to press snooze and go back to bed.  You can give it a snack and tuck it back in. You can explain that it’s not time to wake up yet.  But most likely, it will be back in your room again in an hour saying it needs help wiping it’s behind after making a mess in the bathroom. Or it will walk into your room and wake you up to say that it’s going to sit quietly in your chair until it’s morning.

If you choose to ignore it, it will probably ravage your kitchen like a beast. You could wake up to honey or syrup drizzled on the floors, covered in cheerios. It will have probably eaten whole boxes or bunches of items before you arrive on the scene.

When you’re awakened by the Autistic Alarm Clock your head stings, you feel like you hit a brick wall.  While it bounds down the stairs with a thud on the floor, you lift each leg as if it had weights attached and you try to keep your cool.

The Autistic Alarm Clock makes it’s many demands. I want, I want, I want, Can I have?  You tell it to be quiet and you’ll get it some breakfast. Always the considerate one, it apologizes for waking you up too soon but you don’t believe it’s really sorry because this happens most every day.

It’s a loud, irritating clock that goes off and continues going off from 4-7:40 am.  It only has one volume and it just won’t quit rambling on.  When you think you can’t take anymore and that you’ll just explode, it starts singing the song it just made up, “Oh! Milk comes from the tanker truck, the milk comes from the tanker truck.”  And you can’t help but smile and love the clock.  And another day has begun.

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