It’s Good to Get Away!

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Today                                  Tomorrow                         Sunday

Every year at this time I head out for a weekend away to the Hearts at Home conference in Bloomington, IL.  There’s always at least one other friend and sometimes we get a whole group to go.  We travel the five hours to IL chit-chatting away the whole time.

This year Anita Renfroe is going to make us laugh til we hurt Friday night. Candace Cameron Bure (Kirk’s little sis) will be sharing on Saturday and there will be all kinds of workshops too.  There will be so much information I know I won’t be able to take it all in. But I always come away with a couple new tools for my mom and wife toolbox.

It’s so fun and powerful to be in a room with a couple thousand other moms and to have a weekend designed to meet us where we are and to encourage us to get in there and give it our best for another year.  I love seeing all the sassy (my highest compliment for a stylish mom) moms and that inspires me to go out and treat myself at least once a year to a new hairdo and evaluate my style (or lack of).

I encourage all moms and dads to get away if you can for a replenishing time at least once a year. It gives you a chance to rest, reevaluate and appreciate.  It gives your spouse and kids a chance to hang loose and fly solo on a different routine.  Less than 24 hours and I hit the road! Have a great weekend folks, I know I will!

What do you do to get away from it all?

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