Words of Wisdom from the Hearts at Home National Conference, 2013

ImageJust recently I attended the national Hearts at Home conference in Bloomington, IL.  Last night a friend asked “So, what were your take-aways from the conference.” My brain turned to mush and I couldn’t really remember what they were.  Sometimes it’s an information overload.

Today I went on a Hearts at Home blog to check out what other women took away from the conference as well as checked my notes to review what I had written down.  The following are words of wisdom from conference speaker and a couple of attendees.  Hope you find a nugget of wisdom or encouragement here.

For Women/Moms:

–Jill Savage

  • “Let your mess be your message!
  • “Motherhood is the ministry of interruptions.  Expect interruptions!

–Karen Ehman

  • “Mom’s bleeding tongue (bleeding from biting your tongue when you’re going to say  hurtful words to your kids) is better than a child’s badgered heart.”
  • “What’s inside of you is what is going to spill out when you get “bumped” (hit a problem).”
  • “Imperfect moments can make perfect memories.”
  • “When I’m controlling others I need to ask myself if it’s because I’m being controlled by the opinions or expectations of others.

–Sue Heimer

  • “We have AM (Against Me) and FM (For Me) thoughts, which are you thinking?”
  • “Yelling is a learned way of communication, we grow comfortable with it.  But it’s a lie to think that we can’t change, we can.”
  • “Be velvet over steel.”  “She means what she says and she says what she means. She expects them to do it the first time.”  “Have appropriate consequences for their actions and enforce them.”

–Pam Ferrell

  • “God’s mercy and grace is a shelter over me and my family.”


– Dr. Rob Currie

  • “Preschoolers don’t think logically; they think magically.

–Conference Speaker

  • “Quit raising the child YOU want, and start raising the child God gave you.”

-–Emily Paulus, Conference Attendee

  • “I will show my children what good things they do well & not focus on the naughty things they do well.”


–Dana Bloomberg

  • “Make home a retreat for your husband.”
  • “Die to your right to be easily angered.
  • “Zip it and pray!”
  • “My husband is my number one ministry.”

–Pam Ferrell

  • “God’s view: sex is for what I can give. Satan’s view: sex is for what I can get.”

–Emily Paulus, Conference Attendee

  • “I will remember my husband has an inborn desire to be my hero…& let him be.”

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