Tears for a Friend.

ImageTears today as I grieve the loss of a very special friend Vickie Poucher.   I worked with Vickie about 14 years ago for about 2 years.  We held the same position at the Girl Scouts but in different counties, so you could say we were team mates.

Vickie really lived life. She was bright in attitude, her clothes, and surroundings. She loved art and creative things.  She LOVED her family.  I heard often about her kids Monica, Leslie and “Benny-boy.”

Vickie was in my first weight watchers group at the council, which for me marked the beginning of major change in my health, she was a supporter.  I was blessed to get to spend time on the road with her to conferences and training’s.  I remember when we were on the road one time I was sharing something with her and she said “Nichole, you are such a wise person.”  She said it sincerely and it meant a lot to me. I appreciated that she saw in a young me, wisdom.  Still to this day when someone pays me that particular compliment I treasure it and I think of Vickie.

After we no longer worked at the council we kept in touch through lunches, baby showers, phone calls and emails.  I started an organizing business and Vickie hired me to do a little organizing in her home.  In the process she gave me some music CD’s. They all had “POUCHER” written on them in marker.  My husband, Tom, saw a Kenny G CD that said “Kenny” as the CD title and “POUCHER” written on the bottom and said “Kenny Poucher?”.  Til this day we still refer to Kenny G as Kenny Poucher 😉 As I kept having babies and life kept getting busier we didn’t talk as often.

Over the weekend I was paging through a magazine and saw an add for the Ostoff resort in WI and I remembered a trip there with our GS team.  I sent a picture of that add to Vickie and another friend Carolyn, who was also on that trip.  Today I got an email response from Caroyln asking if I knew that Vickie died in October from pancreatic cancer.  What a weight came down on me.  I didn’t know Vickie was sick.  I feel sad that I didn’t get to support her through her struggle or get to say goodbye to her.  But the more I remember her, I’m settling in my mind that it probably wasn’t necessary. Just the thought of her made me smile, will always make me smile.  I didn’t need to be in daily contact with her for her to impact my life.

It’s hard to believe that she’s not here to make the world a brighter place.  She worked with children, she made the world funnier, dancier, brighter….a better place to be.  I’ll miss you my friend, but your spirit will live forever.

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