Med Mix Up

ImageAn email to Bennett’s teachers this morning.

“Apparently Bennett didn’t take his medicine last night that I put on the counter for him with his bedtime snack, which helps him get to sleep. When I went to give him his morning meds he informed me he already took them…what he took was his sleep med. from the night before. But, of course, he also got up and went down to the kitchen this morning and helped himself to marshmallows for breakfast.  So, I’m writing to say that this will be an interesting experiment  to find out what will win out, the sugar, the sleep meds or the morning meds.  Maybe the concoction will all work together to cancel each other out? Please call me at home if you have any problems today.”

This is not the first med mix up we’ve had.  Tired and not thinking straight, I’ve given him his morning meds in the evening, and then have scrambled to the phone to call the pharmacist to make sure I haven’t overdosed him!  He’s missed meds completely, but it doesn’t take long for us to get a call from school on those mornings.

When I was a substitute teacher with no kids of my own I would notice kids that were on medications and my heart would sink.  Sometimes I would see their tired eyes and dazed looks and would wonder what kind of parent would medicate their children!

When I had a son of my own who, in kindergarten was diagnosed with ADHD I was VERY resistant to the idea of medicating him.  The first medication prescribed resulted in Bennett putting together and taking apart the same block building over and over with this crazy drive, like OCD, which scared me.  We pulled him off of it immediately.  I would say that it took us 4 years to finally come up with a combination of meds that helped Bennett but that wasn’t too much so that he was incoherent.

Even now that we understand that the medications help Bennett I still have anxiety about long-term ramifications of years of taking medicines.  We pray for Bennett’s healing and it’s frustrating when nothing seems to change. This is not the road I would prefer.

I must admit that we’ve sought out the advice of an alternative “doctor” who suggested we do everything from clean the air & water he drinks to change the direction of his bed so that it’s in alignment with the gravitational pull of the moon.  We’ve heard tell about people changing food, removing things like gluten, sugar and dies.  And for me, it’s been all too overwhelming to take that on.  With four kids and our family living on one income provided by my husband that is a small business owner, the price of “health food” is an impossibility.  Plus I’ve always struggled in the area of food so though my food choices have improved over the years, we garden, we try to eat health(ier) foods…we still fall way short and that equals mommy guilt for me.

I’m thankful that we have medications to help us with Bennett.  I pray for his healing. I continue to try to stretch my way of thinking about diet and health.  Have you been faced with this dilemma of having to medicate a child?  Please share your experiences of trial and error and what solutions you’ve come to or changes that you’ve made.


2 thoughts on “Med Mix Up

  1. After our son, Jack was diagnosed in November with PDD-NOS and mild Asbergers, in November 2012, he had deteriorated so badly in school and lost so many skills, perseverating all the time, I was told he had to be put on meds. He was only 7, and so I refused. He literally could not make it through a school day and was only going to school a half day and I was home schooling him. He had severe meltdown’s and behaviors, also I was told he had “anxiety” and perhaps I should have him on med for that. I refused. Then we found the Brain Balance program and it has literally changed our lives! He has finished one session, three months and he is a different kid! His sensory issues have all but disappeared, he is going to school full days with no behavior issues, his meltdowns are gone, he sleeps at night and eats so much better, he makes eye contact and is loving. I would encourage you to check out their program at

    • Thanks Mary Lou, I’ve heard of Brain Balance before but then was recommended against it. Your “testimony” makes me think that we should give it a look. I hate to have cost be a consideration where my Son’s health is concerned, but is it costly to attend?

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