Time Flies! (Not Just When You’re Having Fun.)


I was putting some Easter decorations away and thought about the process of putting up one holiday, putting it way, putting up the next, and so on.  And I thought, “it’s good we have all these holidays to keep us busy through the long winter.”  In the next moment it was like I looked up and realized it was spring!  After wishing and hoping for the snow to go away and for spring to come, it was here in an instant and I was asking myself, “wasn’t I just putting up Christmas decorations like yesterday?!”  And that’s when it sank in for me what people have been telling me all along when referring to my kids, “enjoy it, it goes so fast!”

When people would tell me that on a “bad” day, I would think, “Yeah right! Come spend a day that feels like eternity in my house, with my kids and then tell me it’s going to be gone in an instant.”  But just like the long winter filled with holidays, winter sports, hot chocolate, warm fires, snow storms, death, fender benders, cancellations, etc. Life with kids is filled with events as well; Doctor’s appointments, growth charts, school, time-outs, sickness, new teeth, lost teeth, lessons learned, spills, rivalries, birthdays, slumber parties, forts, games, parks, friends etc.  And as all of this is going on time is passing and it will be spring before you know it!

“God, please help me cherish what I have.  Help me to appreciate my youth, health, kids, home, provision, friends, church and so much more. Help me to to appreciate each day as it comes and enjoy it for what it has to offer. Help me to understand that these days won’t last forever, good and bad alike. I don’t want to wake up one day and realized that I missed it all, that I wished it all away. Thank you for giving us the seasons to help us remember that nothing on this earth last forever, but that each season has beauty to offer and to enjoy. Amen.”

IMG_4720IMG_2549Copy of IMG_9212

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