What’s For Dinner?!?#$@!?

Image“What’s for dinner!?”  Ever hear that question and want to look behind you to see who’s standing there?  Or maybe answer “how the heck should I know!?”  Meals come faster than I can plan most days.  With four little kids I feel like I’m just throwing food at them some days to keep them from starving.

I enjoy baking, trying new recipes and especially eating. But when it’s my “duty” to feed the fam I find it quite overwhelming.  The “Joy of Cooking” offers anything but joy.  It should be simple but it’s not.  You have to budget, plan, shop, prep, cook and clean up and then start the process all again. Not to mention the guilt that comes from feeding either yourself or your family processed foods & chemicals the likes of which your body was never meant to endure.

What’s a cook to do?  Breath.  Take it one meal or snack at a time.  One small step that helps me is to break the day down into meals and snacks.  My husband helped me out with the snack schedule. He read somewhere that it’s healthy to arrange snacks at 10am & 3pm. The days when I follow that schedule my kids aren’t hounding me about being hungry and I don’t get that low, hungry feeling either which makes me irritable and ready to eat anything in sight.

So, if you’r the designated cook in your family, what works for you to keep the joy in cooking?  Please share!

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