EImagever have someone say about your child “He/She looks just like you?” And you say, “Thank you!” and then think…do you say Thank You when someone says your kid looks like you?  Is that a compliment?

I recently posted some pictures of my daughter on facebook and got many comments “She looks like her mama.”  It made me feel good inside.  I thought about it some.  I think one of the reasons I want to thank someone when they say this to me is that as a proud mother of my daughter, who thinks she’s absolutely gorgeous, I think, if someone sees her in me, then I must be gorgeous too!

Just yesterday I went to my Son’s preschool class to take pictures of all the kids. After I took each picture each child would stop by my camera to see their picture.  The girls especially would get this huge smile on their faces and giggle or do their little-girl happy dance.  I asked one of the teachers “at what point do we go from saying Ahhh! to saying Ugh! when we see our own picture?”

There comes a point when we stop loving our reflection and seeing our beauty.  We focus on the negative attributes and the flaws instead of seeing our beauty.  When someone tells me that my beautiful, full-of-life and love daughter looks like me, I have to admit that there is something beautiful about me.  My “Thank you” comes from receiving the answer to every little girl’s questions “am I lovely, am I loved?”

I admit it. I am.  You are!

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