One Small Step Towards Simplicity

email overloadToday I’ve unsubscribed to close to twenty email lists.  I was getting weekly, if not daily, emails from catalogs, mom’s groups, diet sites & much more.  The main delete was an organizing email that I got several emails from a day.  Yesterday I saw that there were 700+ emails just from them!

Before I deleted all those organizing emails I would do one chore, ie empty the dishwasher then delete one email, change the laundry, delete one email.  That was a lot of time wasted getting on the computer between each chore and a huge temptation to check Facebook and emails instead of just getting all my stuff done. I also would look at the number of emails and get overwhelmed and feel like I would never catch up…at that rate I probably wouldn’t.

Clicking the delete button felt like I was checking off items on a to do list, but most of the time nothing was getting done.  Ouch!  (This is my first time admitting this). Still, it feels good and it is one small step towards living a simpler life and relieving myself of my own unrealistic expectations.

Last night before falling asleep I was having a flood of ideas of ways I could mother better and be more efficient. I was so excited that I wanted to hop out of bed to start getting ready to implement some of my ideas…until the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit whispered God’s will to me “one step at a time.” Well at least I should jot all these ideas down Holy Spirit!  “What you remember in the morning will truly be God ideas.  Just take one step at a time as you hear the Father speak.”

Psalm 37:23 says:  “The STEPS of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.”  My “step” today was unsubscribing to all those email lists. The next step was letting you all know about it here on the blog. I think the next step is a nap, but I’d better listen first. 🙂

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