The Upside Down Marriage: Book Review

ImageI’m reading The Upside Down Marriage book by Jim Keller.  I found it free on Amazon for Kindle.  Wow! It’s a spiritual but not religious book that I think anyone can benefit from married or single.

It’s already dealt with communication, boundaries, finances, spiritual abuse and church and I’m only 70% through it!  Such practical wisdom from Jim Keller, a marriage counselor who shares examples from sessions with couples that he has counselled.

Jim Keller, in this book, encourages couples not to work so much, not to strive for the “american dream” at the cost of relationship.  He actually says to go to church less if that’s a burden on your family and to not look to the church to fix all your ailments, but to be a “servant vs. a consumer” at your church.

We’re all broken folks and we all come to crossroads in our lives where we can chose fight or flight in relationships.  Books like this, marriage counselors, friends who will listen, practical help like babysitters, housekeepers and/or lawn care help can help us carry our burdens so that we can see the forest through the trees.  Jim refers to the fact that when your face is pressed hard against the bark of the tree that there is no way that you can see the forest around you.  In marriage, or other relationships, if your face is pressed up against all the things your spouse or friend etc. isn’t doing and all of their short comings that’s all you can see, you need a chance to step back and be able to see all the blessings your relationship holds.

I hope you’ll check it out, I pray for you right now that if you’re in the midst of a relational struggle that God will lead you to your help and now I’m off to finish the book!

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