Little Ways, Big Deals.


Was feeling sad over issues with my Dad the other day.  He wasn’t a part of my life growing up. We reunited for a brief time but then had a falling out.  He passed away before we could reconcile.  Triggered by current feelings of abandonment I was feeling very grieved.

I felt a nudge to look over the letters he had written me.  The first thing I saw in the folder was a picture of my Dad, a truck driver, sitting in one of his trucks which had a huge cardinal on the side of the door.  The company he worked for was called Cardinal.  I immediately knew why I was supposed to see that picture just then and I felt wonderfully comforted.

I’ve mentioned this before, but a few years back the cardinal became my symbol as a kiss from Jesus.  I didn’t remember that my Dad had worked for that company. At the time the cardinal held no significance to me.  But looking at that picture I received a living word from both my earthly dad and my Heavenly Father.  You are loved. We will never leave you!

Thank you God for the tiny little ways you speak to us that mean a great big deal!