Enough for Every Brother.

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He Gives Us Our Daily Bread

Jacob, convinced his brother Esau to sign away his birthright for a bowl of stew! Jacob must of been one heck of a cook!  Either that, or Esau didn’t care too much about it.  Or maybe he was so hungry for something that he wanted, that he gave it away without even considering the cost.

Our souls can be demanding.  When the soul wants something, it’s hard to talk it out of it, unless it’s submitted to the spirit man.  The Bible says that Esau had just come in out of the fields and was famished.  Jacob, seeing an opportunity wouldn’t serve him until he had signed away his birthright, Gen. 25:19-34.

It wasn’t the only time that Jacob took something that belonged to his brother. In Genesis 27 you can read all about how Jacob’s mother helped him to get his Father’s blessing as well!

Years later, in Genesis 33, Jacob learns that Esau is coming after him.  When Jacob sees him, he sees that he’s coming along with 400 men!  Sure that his brother is coming to retaliate against him he divides his family into three groups and sends them ahead of him. But he gets a grand surprise when, in verse 4 “Esau ran to meet him, and embrace him, and fell on his neck, and kissed him: and they wept.”  Esau asks why Jacob had sent gifts ahead of him?  Jacob explains that he has been blessed and that he wants his brother to have the gifts.  Esau tells him he has enough, but Jacob insists he take them.

Here is a picture of true redemption.  In their flesh, they fought over the blessing.  But now, realizing the plan God has for each of their lives, the brothers are fighting over blessing one another!

We have an abundantly rich and extravagant God that has given each of us a purpose on Earth. If we achieve that purpose, He also has wonderful rewards both here on Earth, and in heaven.  We NEVER have to steal from others or compare ourselves to others.  God provides us “daily bread” Mathew 6:11, enough for us to accomplish all that He has for us to do.  When we flow in the blessings He intends for us to have, we will overflow with blessings for those around us!

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